Binomial Distribution Calculator

This is used to calculate coin toss probabilities.

Enter probability of heads     p =     0 < p < 1
Enter number of tosses n =

Probability of exactly k heads

b(k) = \(\binom{n}{k}p^k(1-p)^{n-k}\)         Binomial Distribution
Normal approx:

Probability of k or less heads

F(k) = \(\sum_{i=0}^{k}b(i)\)         Cumulative Distribution
Normal approx:

Probability of more than k heads

1 - F(k) = \(\sum_{i=k+1}^{n}b(i)\)        
1 - F()
Normal approx:

See our book The Coin Toss: The Hydrogen Atom of Probability to learn about coin toss statistics.